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Short Synopsis
Edgar Rice Burroughs's sequel to At the Earth's Core tells the tale of a man who once again travels to the center of the earth—to Pellucidar, home to gallant heroes, beautiful maidens, horrifying villains, and savage prehistoric beasts.

Full Synopsis
In this sequel to At the Earth's Core, David Innes vows revenge and returns to the inner world of Pellucidar to rescue the beautiful Dian, who had been torn from his arms by trickery. However, his return trip places him far from the land of his beloved, and he is forced to undertake a desperate journey thousands of miles across the fierce inner earth to reach her.

David's epic voyage takes him through the many strange lands of Pellucidar, including the pendant moon and the Land of Awful Shadow. His heart-pounding encounters with primeval beasts and extraordinary peoples makes Pellucidar one of the best adventure stories ever penned by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Pellucidar, with eBook

Author Edgar Rice Burroughs

Narrated by Patrick Lawlor

Publication date Sep 7, 2009

Running time 6 hrs

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