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Short Synopsis
KE Osborn presents Book 2 in the Chicago Defiance MC series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
The cord of life can splinter and snap without warning.

My family—in hiding from the Japanese Yakuza. My club—at war with the very organization my family is hiding from.

Though, amidst the chaos, there is one shining light. A Spanner in the works. A woman who's not only the complete opposite of me, and everything I stand for, but a woman who my parents should frown upon. She's brash, where I am guarded. We shouldn't work.

This story isn't about a dynasty reuniting and mending old wounds—it's betrayal, deception, conflict and turmoil.

Bloodshed—it's coming. Who will pay the ultimate penance?

Contains mature themes.


Author K E Osborn

Narrated by Alexander Cendese, Mia Madison

Publication date Dec 19, 2019

Running time 9 hrs

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