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Short Synopsis
This third novel in the acclaimed Roman Empire series by New York Times bestselling author Ruth Downie brings the medicus Ruso home to Gaul, where he is forced to investigate yet another murder.

Full Synopsis
At long last, Gaius Petreius Ruso and his companion, Tilla, are headed home—to Gaul. Having received a note consisting only of the words "COME HOME!" Ruso has (reluctantly, of course) pulled up stakes and brought Tilla to meet his family.

But the reception there is not what Ruso has hoped for: no one will admit to sending for him, and his brother Lucius is hoping he'll leave. With Tilla getting icy greetings from his relatives, Lucius's brother-in-law mysteriously drowned at sea, and the whole Ruso family teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, it's hard to imagine an unhappier reunion. That is, until Severus, the family's chief creditor, winds up dead, and the real trouble begins.

Engrossing, intricate, and—as always—wonderfully comic, Ruth Downie's latest is a brilliant new installment in this irresistible series. This is everything we've come to expect from our charming, luckless hero.

"Persona Non Grata brims with the complex characters and rich detail that have made this series a must for period mystery buffs." ---Booklist

"Enormous fun: another lively winner from a newly established mistress of the genre." ---Kirkus Starred Review

"Gripping.... This is solid entertainment, nicely done." ---Publishers Weekly

"This lively sequel to Medicus and Terra Incognita continues Downie's delightful historical series.... Highly recommended." ---Library Journal Starred Review
Kirkus Review

Library Journal Review

Persona Non Grata

A Novel of the Roman Empire

Author Ruth Downie

Narrated by Simon Vance

Publication date Nov 2, 2009

Running time 11 hrs

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