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Short Synopsis
Learn the science behind the headlines—the tools of terrorists, the dangers of nuclear power, and the reality of global warning, from author and physics professor Richard A. Muller.

Full Synopsis
We live in complicated, dangerous times. They are also hyper-technical times. As citizens who will elect future presidents of the most powerful and influential world, we need to know—truly understand, not just rely on television's talking heads—if Iran's nascent nuclear capability is a genuine threat to the West, if biochemical weapons are likely to be developed by terrorists, if there are viable alternatives to fossil fuels that should be nurtured and supported by the government, if nuclear power should be encouraged, and if global warming is actually happening.

Written in everyday, nontechnical language, Physics for Future Presidents explains the science behind the concerns that our nation faces in the immediate future. Even active readers of serious journalism will be surprised at the lessons contained herein. It is must-have information for all presidents—and citizens—of the twenty-first century.

"Should be required reading for all informed citizens, as well as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain." ---Publishers Weekly

"A book so brilliant that I can't help feel (as a writer), 'I wish I'd thought of that.'" ---Popular Science

"A marvelously readable and level-headed explanation of basic science and how it relates to the issues." ---The New York Times

Physics for Future Presidents

The Science Behind the Headlines

Author Richard A. Muller

Narrated by Pete Larkin

Publication date Jun 1, 2011

Running time 11 hrs

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