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Short Synopsis
Harper Bliss presents Books 4-6 in the Pink Bean series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Sydney is full of coffee shops, but none as exciting and full of drama as the Pink Bean!

In This Foreign Affair, heartbroken Zoya has a holiday romance with French tourist Camille, but is faced with tough choices when the fling turns into something deeper.

Old traumas come back to haunt yoga teacher Louise when the Pink Bean hires a new manager. Water Under Bridges explores the themes of change and forgiveness, and whether people can ever truly move on from a dark past.

Book shop owner Annie and her wife Jane see their relationship challenged with the arrival of the Pink Bean into their lives. Find out how they navigate and overcome the struggles of a long-lasting marriage in No Other Love.

Contains mature themes.

Pink Bean Series

Books 4-6

Author Harper Bliss

Narrated by Angela Dawe

Publication date May 26, 2020

Running time 18 hrs 28 min

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