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Short Synopsis
Harper Bliss presents Books 1-3 in the Pink Bean series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Sydney is full of coffeeshops, but none as exciting, and full of drama, as the Pink Bean.

First meet Micky, a newly divorced mother of two, who in No Strings Attached is claiming her independence by taking a job at the Pink Bean and exploring a new side to herself.

Next up are Kristin and Sheryl, the owners of the Pink Bean. Beneath the Surface will take you back in time to follow their journey and discover the origin story of Sydney's pinkest coffee shop.

Finally, get to know Josephine, long-time barista at the Pink Bean, as she attempts to get over her insecurities and opens herself up to love in Everything Between Us.

Contains mature themes.

Pink Bean Series

Books 1-3

Author Harper Bliss

Narrated by Melissa Moran, Angela Dawe

Publication date May 19, 2020

Running time 18 hrs

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