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The full, up-close story of the battle between Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Planned Parenthood from the woman at the center of the explosive media firestorm of early 2012: Karen Handel, former senior vice president of Public Policy at Komen.

Full Synopsis
For at least a decade, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, theworld's leading breast cancer organization, had been dealing with the backlashfrom pro-life conservatives because of its grants to Planned Parenthood, theworld's largest abortion provider. According to Karen Handel, Komen's seniorvice president of public policy in 2011, the two organizations had mutuallyagreed to part ways amicably. But then Planned Parenthood surprisinglyunleashed a media attack against Komen, waving the banner of women's health asa shield for its underlying political agenda. Public criticism against Komenintensified with damaging consequences, eventually concluding in Komen'ssurrender and Karen's resignation.

In daring to walk away, Komen had unwittingly ignited abattle in which it became collateral damage in a larger election-year warbetween liberals and conservatives for the souls (and votes!) of women and thenation's conscience—with abortion and contraception linked as ultimate wedgeissues. What exactly went on inside this firestorm of controversy? Were therelarger forces at play? In this tell-all, highly charged account, Karen Handelbreaks the silence and finally reveals what really happened in the winter of2011.

Planned Bullyhood

The Truth Behind the Headlines about the Planned Parenthood Funding Battle with Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Author Karen Handel

Narrated by Pam Ward

Publication date Sep 28, 2012

Running time 9 hrs

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