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Short Synopsis
Play That Funky Music White Koi has it all, from the local doomsday prepper to an out of control pet monkey, a mother who would drive a saint to drink, and of course a dead body in the Koi pond.

Full Synopsis
My tiny town of Fig Harbor's just recovering from our last tango with murder, only to be faced with yet another—and this time, it sure looks an awful lot like a vampire's on the loose in the PNW.

Vampires are just Twilight fiction, right?

I'm not so sure after a murder victim is found in my koi pond right next to my favorite fish, Koi George, (not good!) with bite marks on her neck, and a gothic antique chalice next to her body with blood residue.

By now, everyone knows I can't keep my nose out of a good mystery. But when I literally stumble upon an important clue linking a town official to the murder and what looks like a real live vampire cult, I decide it's time to gather up all the garlic I can buy and put my sleuthing shoes back on!

"I enjoy Hollie Jackson more and more with each read. She does a good job with this series." ---Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My!

"Hollie Jackson takes on the role of narrator for this series, and manages (I don’t know how) to deliver some of the quirkiest and funniest moments of dialogue with flair – moments where smiling are required, you can’t help but hear the smile." ---I Am, Indeed

Play That Funky Music White Koi

Author Dakota Cassidy

Narrated by Hollie Jackson

Publication date Sep 20, 2017

Running time 5 hrs

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