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Short Synopsis
Michael Anderle presents Book 8 in the Unplanned Princess series.

Full Synopsis
Was defeating the monsters under the seas of Europe the end of Zaena's worries?

Well, no. She knows the worst battle will come at the Night Elves' abandoned enclave.

Is it possible the demise of the Night Elves was exaggerated?

Something is bringing back creatures that hadn't threatened humanity since elves walked among them. Zaena and Team Princess confront threats all over the country, but how can a warrior be prepared if she doesn't know what she might face?

The tenuous multitribal alliance thinks Zaena is asking too much of the other enclaves and not enough of her own.

It's easy to ask others to sacrifice, but are the rest of the noble elves willing to do the same?

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Author Michael Anderle

Narrated by Leslie Howard

Publication date Oct 25, 2022

Running time 9 hrs

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