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Short Synopsis
William W. Johnstone presents Book 6 in the First Mountain Man series.

Full Synopsis
One Man And . . .

No one remembered when he'd come to the mountains—it seemed that Preacher had always been there. He'd seen a great deal in the unmapped mountains and forests of the grand North American frontier. In fact, he'd just told a friend that he wasn't surprosed by anything anymore. But Preacher hadn't seen Nova Roma yet . . .

. . . A Deadly Dream of Glory

Suddenly, Preacher is faced with the strangest, most dangerous army the High Lonesome has ever seen. It's leader is a blood-mad fanatic right out of the ancient history books. All Preacher's got on his side are his brother mountain men: tough as hardtack good old boys like Philadelphia Braddock and Frenchie Dupree; the Arapaho warrior Bold Pony; and his surefire Walker Colt . . .

Preacher and The Mountain Caesar

Author William W. Johnstone

Narrated by J. Rodney Turner

Publication date Sep 10, 2019

Running time 10 hrs

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