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Short Synopsis
In this exciting new installment of Kristin Mayer's Trust series, Sam is reunited with Mark, but will her past interfere with their future?

Full Synopsis
With her best friend happily married and now pregnant, Sam Matthews should be overjoyed. Instead, she can only see what is missing in her life. Pushing her emotions aside, she retreats to a piece of her past that she's kept hidden—something that even her best friend knows nothing about.

Taking a step into her future, Sam moves to North Carolina, where she once again encounters Mark Robertson. He is persistent and hard to resist, and little by little, he uses his charms to break through Sam's walls. As Sam starts to open her heart to Mark, she convinces herself that the past should stay in the past. But when her past creeps into the present, Sam's secrets could cost her every hope and happiness in the future.

Promise Me

Author Kristin Mayer

Narrated by Nelson Hobbs, Shirl Rae

Publication date Sep 8, 2014

Running time 10 hrs 20 min

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