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Short Synopsis
Fiona Quinn presents Book 2 in the Cerberus Tactical K9 series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
He can protect her . . . but only if he can earn her trust first . . .

Artist Harper Katz was in the wrong place at the wrong time and heard something she really shouldn't have. Now, she's on the run with a killer on her trail. Her only option is to lay low until she can get out of the country. She can't afford to trust anyone—no matter how much she wishes she could.

Ex-Delta Force Operator Ridge Hansen has had a thing for Harper for a long time. So has his tactical K9, Zeus. But persuading Harper to move their relationship from friends to lovers has been tough. He'll still protect her from . . . whoever is after her. All he has to do is convince Harper to let him.

Ridge will have to use every skill and protective instinct he has to keep the woman of his dreams alive. He can only hope it'll be enough to get them both safely to happily ever after . . .

Contains mature themes.

Protective Instinct

Author Fiona Quinn

Narrated by Aiden Snow

Publication date Sep 28, 2021

Running time 8 hrs 22 min

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