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Short Synopsis
C. V. Walter presents Book 5 in the Alien Brides series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Dorcas knew what she was doing when she volunteered to join the Forward Hope; getting as far away from her past as possible.

What she found on board was a purpose and community far beyond anything she'd dreamed of since her escape. Off the planet and surrounded by aliens, she's safe from the machinations of the creature who abducted her years before . . .

Or so she thought.

When a nightmare from her past threatens to come after her family, Dorcas does the only thing she knows how to do; confront the monster in his lair and pray for a rescue.

Contains mature themes.

Pursued by the Alien Pilot

Author C.V. Walter

Narrated by Rebecca Estrella

Publication date Sep 27, 2022

Running time 6 hrs

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