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Short Synopsis
Theresa Tomlinson presents Book 2 in the Fridgyth the Herb-Wife series.

Full Synopsis
When an unwelcome visitor arrives at Hild's monastery, Fridgyth the herb-wife is forced to hold her tongue. The widow of the fierce Mercian king, who once brought death and destruction to the coastal community, is an uneasy sight for many. Although everyone is thankful for Northumbria's fragile peace, painful memories are still fresh and some can think of nothing but revenge.

A young tanner is found dead after a mysterious liaison—his brother is nowhere to be seen, and the boy that used to help him is terrified to speak. While the Abbess is busy trying to secure an on-going peace for the kingdom, Fridgyth starts her own investigation, though she has no idea what she is dealing with or the danger she is in . . .

"Danielle Cohen voiced this colorful and diverse cast of characters well. She got the class differences, the old tricky names, and caught the spirit of the writing so I was carried right into the story with no trouble seeing it all in my mind." ---Books of My Heart

"Cohen's performance will have listeners cringing as a body is pulled out of a tanning vat." ---AudioFile

"I absolutely loved Danielle Cohen’s narration, it was superb and brought Fridgyth, Hild and the other characters to life perfectly." ---The Secret Library Site

Queen of a Distant Hive

Author Theresa Tomlinson

Narrated by Danielle Cohen

Publication date Dec 17, 2020

Running time 7 hrs 24 min

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