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Short Synopsis
An epic debut that matches the likes of Wilbur Smith, Bernard Cornwell, and Conn Iggulden for historical atmosphere and pulse-pounding adventure.

Full Synopsis
Raiders from the North ushers in a bold, panoramic new historical series that tells the unknown story of the Moghul emperors, chronicling the rise and fall of one of the most powerful, opulent, and glittering dynasties in history.

Descended from the legendary Tamburlaine, the Moghuls rose out of Central Asia in the sixteenth century. Raiders from the North tells the astounding story of their young king, who led his warriors against rampaging armies and ruthlessly ambitious enemies to found an empire that would dominate the continent.

Full of action, drama, and character, with epic battles, incredible journeys, and lives ravaged by treachery, this is the perfect book for fans of fast-paced tales of adventure during some of the most tumultuous eras in history.

"In Babur, [Rutherford] has found a rel-life hero, with all the flaws, mistakes and misadventures that spark true heroism.... Breathtaking stuff." ---Manda Scott, author of The Boudica Quartet

"A totally absorbing narrative filled with authentic historical characters and sweeping action set in an age of horrifying but magnificent savagery." ---Wilbur Smith, New York Times bestselling author of River God

"This is a sprawling, roaring epic of violent people in a turbulent time. It is rich with vivid and sometimes gruesome detail." ---Library Journal

Raiders from the North

Empire of the Moghul

Author Alex Rutherford

Narrated by Simon Vance

Publication date Jun 16, 2010

Running time 15 hrs

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