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Short Synopsis
I wish I had nothing to say on the matter of loss, but I do. Because one day I encouraged my two kids to go out and play in the rain, and only one came home . . .

Full Synopsis
On an ordinary September day, twelve-year-old Jack is swept away in a freak neighborhood flood. His parents and younger sister are left to wrestle with the awful questions: How could God let this happen? Can we ever be happy again? They each fall into the abyss of grief in different ways. And in the days and months to come, they each find their faltering way toward peace.

In Rare Bird, Anna Whiston-Donaldson unfolds a mother's story of loss that leads, in time, to enduring hope. With this unforgettable account of a family's love and longing, Anna will draw you deeper into a divine goodness that keeps us—beyond all earthly circumstances—safe.

"The author is an emotionally insightful guide to the territory of grief." ---Publishers Weekly

"[Anna's] story, as well as Jack's story, is gorgeous, bold and true, and no one will be unchanged in reading it." ---Stacy Morrison, author of Falling Apart in One Piece

"Profound, tender, honest---and utterly unforgettable." ---Gretchen Ruben, author of The Happiness Project
Publishers Weekly Bestseller

Rare Bird

A Memoir of Loss and Love

Author Anna Whiston-Donaldson

Narrated by Hillary Huber

Publication date Dec 2, 2014

Running time 8 hrs 13 min

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