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In Reaching Down the Rabbit Hole, Dr. Allan H. Ropper and Brian David Burrell take the listener behind the scenes at Harvard Medical School's neurology unit to show how a seasoned diagnostician faces down bizarre, life-altering afflictions.

Full Synopsis
"Tell the doctor where it hurts." It sounds simple enough, unless the problem affects the very organ that produces awareness and generates speech. What is it like to try to heal the body when the mind is under attack? Like Alice in Wonderland, Dr. Allan H. Ropper inhabits a world where absurdities abound:

— A figure skater whose body has become a ticking time-bomb

— A salesman who drives around and around a traffic rotary, unable to get off

— A college quarterback who can’t stop calling the same play

— A mother of two young girls, diagnosed with ALS, who has to decide whether a life locked inside her own head is worth living

How does one begin to treat such cases, to counsel people whose lives may be changed forever? How does one train the next generation of clinicians to deal with the moral and medical aspects of brain disease? Dr. Ropper and his colleague answer these questions by taking the listener into a rarified world where lives and minds hang in the balance.

"Recommended for those interested in neurology, clinical medicine, or, more generally, how the human brain works---or doesn't." ---Library Journal

"The author explores a wide variety of conditions, including the exterior degeneration of ALS and the often befuddling symptoms of advanced brain trauma, but he rarely falls into jargon and always keeps the narrative lively and engaging." ---Kirkus starred review

"[Ropper and Burrell] successfully convey what makes neurology "the queen" of medical specialties and the brain the most complex, fascinating organ in the body." ---Karen Springen, Booklist

"Perhaps the biggest takeaway from Ropper's work is that every individual's mind, both in sickness and in health, is as unique as the proverbial snowflake." ---Publishers Weekly
Kirkus Review

Reaching Down the Rabbit Hole

A Renowned Neurologist Explains the Mystery and Drama of Brain Disease

Author Dr. Allan H. Ropper, Brian David Burrell

Narrated by Paul Boehmer

Publication date Dec 30, 2014

Running time 9 hrs 6 min

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