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Short Synopsis
Ilsa Ames presents a new second chance romance. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Ride hard. Ride fast. And fight for what's yours. She's my obsession. I'm her past. But I'm back to claim what's mine. And this time, I'm never letting her go.

They say I'm hell on wheels. A rebel without a cause. The fastest, hardest, most successful motorcycle racer alive. They say I don't know how to lose—that I always get what I'm after. And I always do, except for her—my illicit obsession.

Years ago, I chose fame over forbidden temptation. Back then, she was way too young. Too off-limits. My best friend's little sister and way too good for a rough, dirty street racer like me.

Now I'm back—rich, hardened, and fallen from grace after getting kicked off the racing circuit. But Hailey Prescot might just be my saving grace. She might be my angel.

Her heavenly curves beg for my dirty hands and rough kiss, and that temptingly sassy mouth get my engine roaring.

My past want's to tear me down, and my demons want to take her away from me. But I lost her once, and I don't plan on letting that happen again. And once I get my hands on her, I won't stop until I've claimed every part of her.

Contains mature themes.

Rebel Rider

Author Ilsa Ames

Narrated by Troy Duran, Jillian Macie

Publication date Apr 23, 2019

Running time 9 hrs

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