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Short Synopsis
Michael James Ploof presents Book 2 of the Rebirth Online series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Build Harem. Grind Hard. Level Fast.

Sam and his girls have come out on top, and now it's time to grind.

Life in Rebirth Online couldn't be better for Samson Sullivan. He's got four beautiful women by his side, a vault full of gold, and a new tower in the Beartooth Mountains.

But when a glitch in the game begins dropping players to level zero upon death, Sam and his Harem are tossed into a chaotic battle against the denizens of darkness. With players dropping left and right and being sent straight to the underworld, it soon falls on Sam and his Harem to figure out who's behind the strange glitch.

Contains mature themes.

Rebirth Online 2

Author Michael James Ploof

Narrated by Tristan Morris

Publication date Mar 26, 2019

Running time 6 hrs 25 min

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