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Check out this book if you want to make your efforts count and be part of the recycling solution.

Full Synopsis
Recycling is a simple action we can take that has an immediate positive effect. It keeps waste out of landfills, conserves natural resources, prevents pollution, and saves energy. But recycling isn't always straightforward. With so many different rules, it can be tough to understand. If you're worried that you're not recycling properly, or wondering whether you could be recycling more, this is the book for you.

Recycling For Dummies cuts through the confusion around what you can and can't recycle. This easy-to-follow manual breaks down recycling codes, symbols, and rules in a straightforward way. You'll gain insight into the recycling process and learn tons of tips on reusing items in your daily life to cut down on waste. It also guides you on how to make smarter choices as a consumer to help preserve the planet for generations to come.

● Figure out what common materials can and can't be recycled

● Understand what the recycling symbols are telling you

● Explore the many specialist recycling services available

● Learn what happens to your recyclables after they get picked up

● Become a true recycler by switching to recycled products

Recycling For Dummies

Author Sarah Winkler

Narrated by Stephanie Richardson

Publication date Jul 18, 2023

Running time 13 hrs

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