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Short Synopsis
Stephanie Grace Whitson presents the third book in the Prairie Winds series.

Full Synopsis
Carrie Brown was only a child when she first met Soaring Eagle, but she's never given up on the dream that one day, they will be together. Those closest to her consider that dream a childish fantasy.

Soaring Eagle has spent the years since Carrie left Nebraska studying at Eastern colleges. Now he's a sought-after lecturer—and he's met beautiful, intelligent Julia Woodward.

Is Carrie's dream stubborn imagination or God's will? To find out, she must follow her heart back to Nebraska and, in the process, learn that walking by faith often means walking through the fire instead of running from it.

Red Bird

Author Stephanie Grace Whitson

Narrated by Susan Hanfield

Publication date Nov 13, 2018

Running time 10 hrs

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