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Short Synopsis
With Redemption Ark, the sequel to his critically acclaimed Revelation Space, Alastair Reynolds pushes the boundaries and confirms his reputation as "the most exciting space opera writer working today."

Full Synopsis
Late in the twenty-sixth century, the human race has advanced enough to accidentally trigger the Inhibitors—alien-killing machines designed to detect intelligent life and destroy it. The only hope for humanity lies in the recovery of a secret cache of doomsday weapons—and a renegade named Clavain who is determined to find them. But other factions want the weapons for their own purposes—and the weapons themselves have another agenda altogether.

"Reynolds confirms his place among the leaders of the hard-science space-opera renaissance." ---Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"The best of the new breed of space opera. Wild action on a grand scale spans well-imagined and developed worlds." ---The Denver Post
Publishers Weekly Review

Redemption Ark

Author Alastair Reynolds

Narrated by John Lee

Publication date Mar 30, 2009

Running time 28 hrs

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