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Short Synopsis
Years after she flees the hometown that blamed her for a tragedy, Rachel Huber returns to care for her ailing grandmother and is forced to confront the hostile neighbors who still hate her.

Full Synopsis
Twenty years ago, a terrible tragedy shattered the tranquility of the small Pennsylvania Dutch town of Reflection. The residents of the village have never forgiven the one woman they blamed for what happened—Rachel Huber. After the incident, Rachel left the town and cut off all ties there. But when Rachel receives the news that her estranged grandmother, Helen, is ill and needs her care, she returns to Reflection. On arrival she discovers that the town has not forgotten the past, and, amongst the hostility and gossip, Rachel is forced to seek out old allies and new passions. Soon she finds an unlikely advocate in her grandmother, who surprises her with her wise counsel and rare strength. Rachel comes to realize that they are both trying to overcome the past, and in doing so brings private guilt and concealed secrets into the light.

"A fast-paced, engrossing read focusing on a delightful pair of characters." ---Kirkus

"Brilliant author Diane Chamberlain has penned a truly outstanding novel that is both completely engrossing and chillingly prophetic and one you will not soon forget." ---RT Book Reviews


Author Diane Chamberlain

Narrated by Erin Bennett

Publication date Feb 23, 2016

Running time 15 hrs 17 min

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