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Short Synopsis
Bronwyn Eley presents Book 1 in the Relic Trilogy.

Full Synopsis
A fatal job. A deadly jewel. How long will Kaylan survive?

Snatched from her life as a blacksmith, Kaylan Rove is forced to become the Shadow: the personal servant of a ruthless and powerful lord.

But Lord Rennard himself isn't the threat. It's the Relic he wears around his neck—a stone that protects his bloodline, but poisons everyone else in its proximity. Kaylan's life becomes a waking nightmare as the Relic slowly destroys her body and mind.

But just as hope begins to fade, she discovers a rebel plot that might put an end to Rennard's rule . . .


Author Bronwyn Eley

Narrated by Gabrielle Baker

Publication date May 12, 2020

Running time 15 hrs 8 min

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