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Short Synopsis
To save his family—and the free world—Red Harmon is back in the line of fire.

Full Synopsis
A sinister enemy is stalking elite military operator Red Harmon and his loved ones. Turning the hunter into his prey, Red uncovers a plot that spans nations and draws him into the remote snow-covered ravines of North Korea. His objective: penetrate the darkest prisons of this mysterious nation to restore national security—and save all he holds dear.

Red's not the only one who's been living with secrets. His wife Lori is a lot more than the typical suburban soccer mom she appears to be, and she's stumbled onto something massive.

The future of world peace depends on them—and on an enemy soldier with a powerful personal agenda. If Red's mission fails, the balance of superpowers may never recover.

"Paul Costanzo crushed this narration. I loved listening to it. He brings the characters to life and gives them a voice that is believable, accurate, and riveting." ---Ash Reviews


A Red Ops Thriller

Author David McCaleb

Narrated by Paul Costanzo

Publication date Aug 29, 2017

Running time 10 hrs

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