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Adam Ladner Scott presents Book 4 in the Restart Again series.

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The true threat has finally been revealed.

An ancient order of heretics known as the Shadebinders has been revived, and their dark influence has spread beyond the borders of Kaldan. In the aftermath of their mission to the festering depths of Shadowmine, Lux and Lia have discovered the site where the Shadebinders will strike next: the frigid mountains of Doram. Forced back into a tenuous alliance with Valandra, the trio will need all the help they can get before they make their way north. Some help, however, comes with a cost; the voices in Lux's head grow stronger with every passing day, pushing him further into the depths of his new deathly abilities. An unavoidable decision is coming: Is mastering the dark power of the Shadebinders worth the risk, or . . .

Are some powers better left in the shadows?

Restart Again

Volume 4

Author Adam Ladner Scott

Narrated by Alex Knox

Publication date Dec 6, 2022

Running time 21 hrs 17 min

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