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Adam Ladner presents Book 1 in the Restart Again series.

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All of the stories you've heard are wrong. They always tell you that starting a new life in a fantasy world is an amazing experience, full of magic, adventure, and true love . . . but they never tell you what happens when it's over. They don't tell you that it just happens again. And again. By the time you start your third new life in a row, all of that initial amazement wears off.

That's where Lux finds himself now: Dropped into yet another fantasy world, forced to restart his life all over again. Having lost the people he loved twice over, he wants nothing more than to disappear and live a life of solitude . . . but it seems the world has other plans for him.

Restart Again

Author Adam Ladner Scott

Narrated by Alex Knox

Publication date Sep 23, 2020

Running time 9 hrs

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