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Short Synopsis
R. K. Lander presents Book 4 in the Silvan series.

Full Synopsis
From a new dawn, a Warlord rises.

After the Battle of Tar'eastór, the Great Forest waits for the one the Silvans claim as their Warlord. With his past unveiled and his future destiny clear, Fel'annár and The Company journey home together with Prince Handir and Gor'sadén, the commander Fel'annár has named father.

With documents that incriminate the enemy, they must travel in secret to protect their treasure and Fel'annár from those who seek to kill him. Meanwhile, the forest king struggles to maintain his throne under the final onslaught of Band'orán and his Alpine purists.

Raging rivers and treacherous cliffs. A perilous sea and ruthless assassins await Fel'annár and The Company as they approach a forest on the verge of civil war. Can they make it in time for the final showdown? Can the crown prince hold the enemy at bay? Long enough for the return of his brother? For the return of the Warlord?

Return of a Warlord

Author R.K. Lander

Narrated by Daniel Thomas May

Publication date Oct 27, 2020

Running time 18 hrs

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