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Karina Espinosa presents Book 3 in the Mackenzie Grey: The Crown series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Happily ever after . . . at least I hope.

When it's come to my friends and family, I've been willing to sacrifice just about anything to save them, but these last few months I've been sidelined from the fight—not anymore.

The time has come, and Abaddon is finally coming to collect what he was promised—and he is not alone. Those who I once thought were my allies, and others who I worried would stab me in the back have now partnered up with the demon to take what I hold most dear to my heart.

Some will be hurt, some will survive, and others will die in this battle to the finish.

Will we get the happily ever after we desire? Or will it all come to an end here?

Contains mature themes.

Return of the Alpha

Author Karina Espinosa

Narrated by Nicole Poole

Publication date Mar 7, 2023

Running time 7 hrs 26 min

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