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Short Synopsis
In the third novel of Cassidy Cayman's Lost Highlander series, Daria returns and wants revenge . . . starting with Piper and the man she loves. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Pietro is dying. His love for Bella strengthens him, but her controlling father wants her back and is threatening a war.

Just when Piper and her hot Highlander think they might get some time to explore Lachlan's newly found passion for modern spa tubs, Daria returns and starts targeting everyone and everything Piper loves.Not about to let her evil ancestor destroy her love life, her best friend's happiness, or even her wardrobe, Piper sets out to vanquish her.

And Sam and Evie still aren't engaged.

Contains mature themes.


Author Cassidy Cayman

Narrated by Angela Dawe

Publication date Feb 10, 2015

Running time 5 hrs 15 min

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