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Short Synopsis
Cary Hart presents Book 2 in the Hotline Hookup series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
"I do." Two little words I've always wanted to say . . .

You know before I turned into a perpetually single, TV-dinner-eating party of one with thirty cats and a worn-out BOB. Wink. Wink. I've swiped left, right, up, down. I'm over it! Now I'm taking matters into my own manicured hands and changing the dating game with my guaranteed to set a date love app.

The only thing standing in my way? Owen Decker. And his huge . . . ego.

With his perfect hair, perfect teeth, and less than perfect proposal. Not the down-on-one-knee kind. Oh no. A business proposal to merge my dating app with the Hotline Hookup brand. What harm could it do? Owen is the last person I would walk down the aisle to. After all, he's my brother's best-friend and business partner.

Been there. Done that . . . literally! I guess you can say we're frenemies with benefits. But I'm looking for the one. And this app is going to help me find him. Just not in the way I'd planned.

It's easy to fall for the enemy when you're ring ready!

Contains mature themes.

Ring Ready

Author Cary Hart

Narrated by Teddy Hamilton, Virginia Rose

Publication date Apr 14, 2020

Running time 7 hrs 1 min

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