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Short Synopsis
Megan Walker and Janci Patterson present Book 3 in the Skilled series.

Full Synopsis
Hear the conclusion to the series Brandon Sanderson calls "imaginative, fast-paced urban fantasy."

Now in possession of the artifact that has torn his world apart, Zan Mardova is still reeling from the discovery of a strange new magic, a connection with Ellie that challenges everything he's ever known about typics and the Skilled. Before he can find his footing, Zan faces a new menace—a creature wearing the body of his old friend that is tearing across Italy toward Venice, leaving a trail of reanimated corpses in its wake.

Where there is power, there will be those seeking to use it. Zan means to use his power to create a better world for typics and Skilled alike—

But if he can't stop what's coming, it may already be too late.

Rising City

Author Megan Walker, Janci Patterson

Narrated by Marnye Young

Publication date Dec 27, 2022

Running time 9 hrs

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