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Short Synopsis
R. K. Lander presents Book 2 of the Silvan series.

Full Synopsis
A young warrior elf with no past. A ruthless traitor with all the answers. A path bound for greatness, or the ruin of Elvendom.

Fel'annár and The Company travel to the Motherland on a mission to protect their prince, amidst growing strife between the Silvan and Alpine warriors.

While his nascent power continues to evolve, the story of his past emerges and Fel'annár is thrust upon a perilous road of political intrigue and conspiracy.

Meanwhile, the Elvenking makes a shocking discovery. Can he rise from the depths of despair and reclaim his glory as Or'Talan's son? Can he stop the Alpine Purists from tearing the forest apart?

They say civil war is coming, that Fel'annár is the one elf who can restore peace in the Great Forest, or cast it into eternal chaos.

Road of a Warrior

Author R.K. Lander

Narrated by Daniel Thomas May

Publication date Feb 28, 2019

Running time 12 hrs 4 min

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