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Short Synopsis
Savannah Rylan presents the fourth book in her Dead Souls MC series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
She lied to me.

The minute I see Gavin for the first time, I know he is mine. Piper told him his daddy was in jail.

I should be angry with her. But with that stethoscope draped around her neck, I know she's not as bad as I want her to be. She was just trying to protect him. From my life, my club, and the bastards that are trying to kill us.

She has every reason to be worried, but no one will touch my son. Or my girl.

She may have left before, but this time, I know she'll stay. Because we both want the same thing. A family.

Contains mature themes.


Author Savannah Rylan

Narrated by Paul Brion, Melissa Barr

Publication date Feb 26, 2019

Running time 5 hrs 28 min

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