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Historical romance author Elizabeth Moss presents the third installment of her Lust in the Tudor Court series.

Full Synopsis
Margerie Croft yielded up her virginity before her wedding, and then fled from her eager suitor, knowing that she could not marry a man she did not love. Now she is viewed as soiled goods, fit for only for the role of courtier's plaything.

Virgil Elton is King Henry VIII's physician, working on a tonic to restore his sovereign's flagging libido. But first it must be tested. Who better, then, than the wanton Margerie Croft? But as he gets to know her, Virgil discovers someone as intelligent and passionate as she is beautiful—someone who has been gravely misunderstood.

For her part, Margerie finds Virgil irresistible—with or without the help of his special medicine. But she knows she could never make Virgil a respectable wife. And yet, despite herself, Margerie can't help but wonder . . .

Rose Bride

Author Elizabeth Moss

Narrated by Charlotte Anne Dore

Publication date Jul 5, 2016

Running time 12 hrs

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