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Kylie Gilmore presents Book 5 in the Rourkes series. Contains mature themes.

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I'm a modern twenty-three-year-old princess bound by rules more suited to medieval times. My father's declining health means I will soon be queen, but, as a woman, I will not be allowed to rule alone. I can only claim my birthright by marrying the man chosen for me—a business tycoon useful to our kingdom.

If I do not comply, my younger cousin will take my place simply because he's a man. I never met a man tempting enough to risk a kingdom . . . and then I meet him.


I'm the good looking one. If you need to pick me out of the middle of the Rourke clan, that's how you do it. Does it bother me that nothing is expected of the fourth-born son other than to flash my devastatingly handsome smile for the press? Maybe. Would I like to be needed even just by one person who sees me as the key to something important? Yes.

And then I meet her. She's on Villroy for a short time before she must return home and marry the man her parents have chosen. If she doesn't, she loses her birthright. If I truly care for Polly, I'll walk away. But do I have the strength to resist the most perfect woman I've ever met?

Contains mature themes.

Royal Player

Author Kylie Gilmore

Narrated by Troy Duran, Stephanie Wyles

Publication date Mar 10, 2020

Running time 7 hrs

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