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Short Synopsis
In the new Play-by-Play novel by the New York Times bestselling author of Unexpected Rush, a football player with all the right moves on the field needs a better game plan for his love life. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
A defensive end for the San Francisco Sabers, Flynn Cassidy is used to being in the spotlight—he just doesn't enjoy it. But if getting in front of the cameras will help his new restaurant succeed, he's willing to do it. Now if he could just meet a woman who loved him and not his fame . . .

After her divorce, Amelia Lawrence is thrilled to start over as head chef at Ninety-Two. It's just the opportunity she needs to heat up her career—if only she wasn't wildly attracted to her sexy new boss. Their chemistry might be sizzling hot, but Amelia has no intention of being burned again.

Amelia is genuine and fun and Flynn can't get enough of her—and Amelia loves every second she spends with the tough but tender Flynn. But trust is a hard-fought battle for both of them. Breaking the rules of contact and surrendering to their passion was easy, but are they willing to risk their hearts to win at the game of love?

Contains mature themes.

"Jaci Burton writes good, contemporary, steamy, sport fiction. . . . just the thing you want on a trip, vacation or just for fun." ---Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust

Rules of Contact

Author Jaci Burton

Narrated by Tatiana Sokolov

Publication date Dec 6, 2016

Running time 9 hrs 2 min

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