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Short Synopsis
Annie J. Rose presents Book 2 in the Office Secrets series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
I came in for the company's secrets. I ended up making the boss my baby daddy.

Devin was the mistake I hadn't counted on. Three years ago, I went undercover to help my dad out. He needed me to get intel on a rival company, so I posed as an intern. My corporate spy mission went awry really quickly thanks to the boss's son, Devin. Piercing blue eyes and sexy as hell, he was irresistible. I was nineteen and way in over my head.

Our hot, wild affair ended when I slipped away with company secrets. Devin's been trying to destroy my dad's business ever since. He's out for revenge. If he knew about my little secret, he'd be furious, unstoppable.

She's two years old, my whole world. Now my dad needs my help again, and I'm going into the lion's den. I have to go toe-to-toe with the only man I ever loved, the man who set my body on fire and stole my heart. Competing against him, wondering what trick he has next up his sleeve. I don't trust him. But I want him.

And it's time to go back where I swore I'd never go. With my heart and my secret on the line.

Contains mature themes.

S is for Second Chance

Author Annie J. Rose

Narrated by Meghan Kelly, Wayne Mitchell

Publication date Jan 12, 2021

Running time 6 hrs 20 min

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