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From Monte Burke comes the definitive biography of Nick Saban, the influential and controversial University of Alabama coach who transformed college football.

Full Synopsis
As the head coach of the University of Alabama's football team, Nick Saban is perhaps the most influential—and controversial—man in the sport. Unpredictable in his professional loyalties, uncompromising in his vision, and unyielding in his pursuit of perfection, the highest-paid coach in college football has changed the face of the game. His program-building vision has delivered packed stadiums, rabid fans, legions of detractors, countless NFL draft picks, and a total of four national championships, including three in the last five years.

Though a great deal is known about Nick Saban the coach, not much is known about Nick Saban the man. Through unprecedented interviews with more than 250 friends, coworkers, rivals, former players, and others, Monte Burke reveals the defining moments of the coach's life. He discusses Saban's rapid and at times rocky ascent up the assistant coaching ranks; his complicated relationship with one of his coaching mentors, Bill Belichick; the birth of his now-famous "Process;" his dramatic and controversial departures from three different high-profile football teams; and much more.

Saban paints a portrait of a complex and compelling man, fundamentally shaped by both his past and the game he loves, in a way that no previous book has.

"[A] genuinely insightful look at a fierce competitor who nevertheless seems to care for his players both on and off the field." ---Booklist

"Burke has written a winning, definitive portrait of a fascinating character." ---Publishers Weekly


The Making of a Coach

Author Monte Burke

Narrated by Barry Abrams

Publication date Aug 4, 2015

Running time 12 hrs 21 min

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