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Short Synopsis
Kamryn Hart presents Book 2 in the Lost Princess of Howling Sky series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
I'm the Lost Princess of Howling Sky. Only a few days ago, I would have said that was crazy, that I'm just Sorissa. Now I'm living crazy. Everybody wants to use me for their own gain in the Prime War.

Except for Phantom Fangs, my werewolves.

I left with vampires to save their lives. Maybe the vampires intend to kill me, but I'm not that fragile. I'll survive, and I'll keep my werewolves safe.

Contains mature themes.

Saving the Werewolves

Author Kestra Pingree

Narrated by Elizabeth Hart, Alexander Cendese

Publication date Mar 5, 2019

Running time 9 hrs

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