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Short Synopsis
Unfolding over the years leading up to the French Revolution, Rafael Sabatini's Scaramouche is a masterpiece of historical fiction—and a ferociously gripping adventure tale.

Full Synopsis
The passionate Andre-Louis Moreau makes an unexpected entrance into the French Revolution when he vows to avenge his best friend's death. His target: Monsieur de La Tour d'Azyr, the aristocratic villain who killed his friend. Andre-Louis rallies the underclass to join him in his mission against the supreme power of the nobility. Soon the rebel leader must go underground, disguising himself as "Scaramouche" in a traveling group of actors. In the midst of his swashbuckling adventures and his country's revolution, he discovers the secret of his own identity.

"All in all, this 'sheer knight-errantcy' is a marvelous entertainment." ---Kirkus

"Delightfully courtly, flowery but not dated, Sabatini's period romances---Scaramouche unfolds over the years leading up to the French Revolution---were deservedly popular when originally published, during the '20s and '30s." ---Publishers Weekly
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Washington Post Summer's Best Audiobook


A Romance of the French Revolution

Author Rafael Sabatini

Narrated by Simon Vance

Publication date May 18, 2011

Running time 12 hrs

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