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Short Synopsis
Natalie Cammaratta presents Book 2 in the Falling & Uprising series.

Full Synopsis
The uprising is going to plan. But whose plan is it?

Serenity Ward must come to terms with her role in Kaycie's flawed society. The Establishment is corrupt, but there are those pushing for change from within. Division isn't exclusive to the elite group, though. The islands splinter in the wake of the uprising as webs of lies are untangled.

Bram's homecoming isn't what he expected, and discovering truths hidden by his own family rattles even his faith in the side he's chosen. The lines between right and wrong blur, but one thing holds fast—the scattered team needs to reunite to free everyone from bigger powers pulling the strings.

Scattered & Breaking

Author Natalie Cammaratta

Narrated by Leon Nixon, Amanda Friday

Publication date Nov 15, 2022

Running time 10 hrs

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