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Short Synopsis
Think and act like a Navy SEAL, and you can survive anything. The world is a dangerous place. You can live scared—or be prepared.

Full Synopsis
Former Navy SEAL and preeminent American survivalist Cade Courtley delivers step-by-step instructions anyone can master in this user-friendly guide. You'll learn to think like a SEAL and how to:

—Improvise weapons from everyday items

—Pack a go bag

—Treat injuries

—Survive extreme climates

—Survive a pandemic

From random shootings to deadly wildfires to terrorist attacks, the reality is that modern life is unpredictable and dangerous. Don't live in fear or rely on luck. Learn the SEAL mindset: Be prepared, feel confident, step up, and know exactly how to survive any life-threatening situation.

"The narration by R.C. Bray is great, with the right inflections at the right time." ---Library Journal Starred Audio Review
Library Journal Audio Review

Seal Survival Guide

A Navy Seal's Secrets to Surviving Any Disaster

Author Cade Courtley

Narrated by R. C. Bray

Publication date Dec 23, 2014

Running time 10 hrs

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