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Short Synopsis
In book two of the Secret Brides series, Annie Andrews has her heart set on marrying a certain man, but the Earl of Ashbourne may just foul up her plans.

Full Synopsis
Annie Andrews has her heart set on marrying a certain man. Now that her guardian and sister, Lily, is off on her wedding trip on the continent, Annie is about to make one last attempt to marry Arthur before her sister can stop her. But Annie doesn't count on the best friend of her new brother-in-law, Jordan Holloway, Earl of Ashbourne, fouling up her plans.

Jordan has vowed to keep an eye on the mischievous Miss Andrews. He has two weeks to keep her out of trouble and to keep her from running away again. But when Jordan carts her off to his country house to keep her from making a mistake, will he make one of his own and fall in love with the one woman he shouldn't touch?

Secrets of a Runaway Bride

Author Valerie Bowman

Narrated by Justine Eyre

Publication date Mar 26, 2013

Running time 10 hrs

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