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Short Synopsis
Lindsey Hart presents Book 4 in the Alphalicious Billionaires series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Never get so drunk that you end up posting on social media that you want your best friend to marry you. You might get kidnapped and flown away in a private jet to get hitched to said best friend.

The best friend who took your V-card in college and promised to marry you if you were still single in ten years . . . The best friend who made you come so Unicorntastically that it ruined you for all other men . . . The best friend you did not talk to in ten years and is now a big a$$ billionaire . . .

So, now he wants to make good on his decade old promise and marry me . . . without my freaking approval!!

This Geekalicious Billionaire is bent on seducing the woman who got away whether she wants it or not.

Contains mature themes.

Seducing My Best Friend

Author Lindsey Hart

Narrated by CJ Bloom

Publication date Aug 25, 2020

Running time 4 hrs 10 min

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