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From Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, the hilarious behind-the-scenes story of two guys who went out for coffee and dreamed up Seinfeld—the cultural sensation that changed television and bled into the real world, altering the lives of everyone it touched.

Full Synopsis
Comedians Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld never thought anyone would watch their silly little sitcom about a New York comedian sitting around talking to his friends. NBC executives didn't think anyone would watch either, but they bought it anyway, hiding it away in the TV dead zone of summer. But against all odds, viewers began to watch, first a few and then many, until nine years later nearly forty million Americans were tuning in weekly.

In Seinfeldia, acclaimed TV historian and entertainment writer Jennifer Keishin Armstrong celebrates the creators and fans of this American television phenomenon. She brings listeners behind the scenes of the show while it was on the air and into the world of devotees for whom it never stopped being relevant, a world where the Soup Nazi still spends his days saying No soup for you!, Joe Davola gets questioned every day about his sanity, Kenny Kramer makes his living giving tours of New York sights from the show, and fans dress up in Jerry's famous puffy shirt, dance like Elaine, and imagine plotlines for Seinfeld if it were still on TV.

"Voice actor Delanie narrates with great energy and projection, capturing the author’s enthusiasm for all the fascinating elements of Seinfeld unearthed in this production." ---Publishers Weekly Starred Audio Review

"Christina Delaine does an excellent job of narrating, masterfully mimicking the characters' voices and idiosyncratic speech patterns." ---Library Journal Audio Review

"Ms. Armstrong can write . . . [and] has an eye for detail." ---The New York Times

"A wildly entertaining must-read not only for Seinfeld fans but for anyone who wants a better understanding of how television series are made." ---Booklist Starred Review

"Armstrong’s intimate, breezy history is full of gossipy details, show trivia, and insights into how famous episodes came to be. . . . Perfect for Seinfeldians and newcomers alike." ---Kirkus

"Delaine narrates with the enthusiasm of a true fan." ---AudioFile

"The recording is filled with so many inside
comments and details of the origins of the series that fans will be nodding and laughing out loud as they listen." ---Booklist Audio Review

"Armstrong offers a masterly look at one of the greatest shows." ---Library Journal
New York Times Bestseller

Publishers Weekly Audio

Booklist Review


How a Show About Nothing Changed Everything

Author Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

Narrated by Christina Delaine

Publication date Jul 5, 2016

Running time 10 hrs 17 min

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