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Short Synopsis
Celia Kyle and Athena Storm present Book 6 in the Mates of the Kilgari series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
War shaped him into a soldier. His love for me transformed him into a protector.

Kintar has had a hard past. I can see it in his eyes. They speak of unbelievable loss and sadness. The life of a soldier.

But his chiseled, muscled, alien body is more than a collection of his past. He towers over me and pushes reality from my view—until there is only him.

His deep voice whispering in my ear, soothes me. His eyes roaming my body, lure out my wild side. His strong arms wrapped around me, protect me from the madness of the galaxy.

But it's his heart that gives me hope. His soul that brings me peace.

Kintar will fight for me. He'll die for me. Nothing will stop him from giving his last breath for me. Nothing will stop him from forever freeing me from my enemies. Because he is my mate he will do these things. Because he is my love. My heart. My forever.

Contains mature themes.

Seized by the Alien Pirate

Author Celia Kyle, Athena Storm

Narrated by Tristan James, Noelle Bridges

Publication date Feb 9, 2021

Running time 5 hrs

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