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Short Synopsis
Sent to his Account is a thrilling murder mystery that leaves you wondering: can anyone really be trusted?

Full Synopsis
One phone call can change everything . . .

Miles de Cogan thought that he was set to live out a simple life with a cantankerous old lady for his landlord, but this is all turned on its head with a phone call. Inheriting a prosperous estate called County Wicklow and the title to go along with it, Miles learns of the death of his cousin, a baronet.

Excited to get started with his new life, Miles is keen to fully immerse himself in village life. Being a generous man of progressive ideas one of Miles's first aims is to develop and improve the village flour mill with the hope of collaborating with the local villagers and soon finds himself starting to envisage his life in among these old funny people.

Suddenly, the humdrum simple lifestyle of the Irish village is soon broken—with a murder . . . Miles's overbearing neighbor Tom Reid is found, having died a painful and horrific death.

Is it Reid's plans to build a roadhouse and upset the old tradition of the village that has incurred the wrath of the Dangan residents, or is there something much more underhanded at play?

Could it be the ghost of Mile's late predecessor that haunts everyone?

Sent to His Account

Author Eilis Dillon

Narrated by Roger Clark

Publication date Oct 22, 2019

Running time 7 hrs 14 min

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