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Short Synopsis
A must-listen for fans of creature horror and sea stories.

Full Synopsis
Some things are meant to remain in the past.

Dr. Hugh Meyer believed he had created the ultimate miracle. Using the DNA of ancient creatures preserved in the Arctic, he had genetically engineered one of the most remarkable species of sea creature to ever exist: Serpentem Vectem Cel—Serpent Eel. Believed to possess the cure for countless diseases, the creature holds great promise for the medical community.

All goes awry when the beast escapes containment. With a rapid growth rate and remarkable physical evolution, the beast travels to the coastal town of Spiral Bay. There, the creature designed to save human life instead starts taking it.

Fishing vessels are found wrecked, paddleboaters mysteriously disappear, and large whales turn up dead. Realizing his creation has become Mankind's worst nightmare, Hugh Meyer must join forces with the local police chief, a skillful mechanic, and a rich reality show star to bring the Serpent's rampage to a dead halt.


A Deep Sea Thriller

Author Michael Cole

Narrated by Tom Beyer

Publication date Mar 29, 2022

Running time 11 hrs 5 min

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