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Short Synopsis
In this fascinating book, Sarah Forbes illuminates the never-talked-about communities and eccentricities of our sexual subcultures, and tells her personal story of a decade spent as a curator at the Museum of Sex.

Full Synopsis
Sarah Forbes was in graduate school when she stumbled upon a museum dedicated to . . . sex. The anthropology student hesitated when her boyfriend suggested that she apply for a job, but apply she did, and it wasn't long before a part-time position at New York's Museum of Sex led to a gig as the museum's curator. That was over twelve years ago. Now Sarah—a married mother of two—proudly sports her title as Curator of Sex.

In Sex in the Museum, Sarah invites listeners to travel from suburban garages where men and women build sex machines, to factories that make sex toys, to labyrinthine archives of erotica collectors. Escorting us in to the hidden world of sex, illuminating the never-talked-about communities and eccentricities of our sexual subcultures, and telling her own personal story of a decade at the Museum of Sex, Sarah asks us to grapple with the same questions she did: When it comes to sex, what is good, bad, deviant, normal? Do such terms even apply? If everyone has sexual secrets, is it possible to really know another person and be known by them? And importantly, in our hyper-sexualized world, is it still possible to fall in love?

"A provocative chronicle steeped in eyebrow-raising details and personal honesty." ---Kirkus

"Like the museum itself, this memoir simultaneously shocks, informs, and challenges myths about sex." ---Publishers Weekly

"Versatile narrator Romy Nordlinger supplies her usual verve to the affair." ---Library Journal

Sex in the Museum

My Unlikely Career at New York's Most Provocative Museum

Author Sarah Forbes

Narrated by Romy Nordlinger

Publication date Apr 5, 2016

Running time 7 hrs

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